We monitor each client's project entirely and always offer the solution best suited to the your needs and the services required for a qualitative commissioning

review of specifications

selection and sourcing of materials and equipment

grouping and transit

installation and commissioning

technical training and maintenance operations

We often support our customers through our hospital engineering services, ranging from assistance in defining equipment needs to assistance in the preparation of premises where they will be installed.

For state-funded projects, we include a medical training budget, that provides a high-quality transfer of skills to the end users.

By bringing quality modern medicine to emerging countries, our actions also contribute to the direct economic and social development in several sectors of activity.

The GROUP relies on a network of local agents who provide complementary activities in the targeted countries, such as local installations and maintenance services. Our agents also represent some of the strategic partners we work with in this biomedical supply chain (recognized manufacturers of equipment and laboratory reagents suppliers). They are in constant contact with the medical services in the country, to answer all subsequent requests for additional medical equipment, chemicals and consumables.



- African Development Bank (AfDB)
- World Bank (WB)
- French Development Agency (AFD)
- Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL)
- Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)
- Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
- United Nations Office for Project Support (UNOPS)
- European Development Fund (EDF)
- Global Fund
- Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)
- Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
- Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
- African Union - International Bureau for Animal Ressources from Kenya (AU-IBAR)


In different countries in Africa and Asia, the FSE GROUP offers turnkey solutions for ambitious projects through the mobilization of State funding and export credits. The GROUP identifies eligible local projects and supports these projects in order to provide a financing solution.
- FINEXPO Committee (Belgium)
- CREDENDO (Belgium)
- General Directorate of the Treasury (France)
- BPI (France)


The FSE Group offers a large spectrum of services related to equipment and building medical engineering, suited to all stakeholders and design and build specialists (Architects and MEPs as well as construction companies) involved in the rehabilitation of existing health facilities but also for operators involved in the delivery of brand new hospital structures.


Depending on the implementation stage of your project, we can assist you in defining your equipment sourcing needs, advise you on the budgets required, help you prioritize product delivery in line with your medical programme priorities.

We can draw up the bill of quantities (BOQ), the functionality and performance requirements of technical equipment, defining all accessories and consumables recommended for their operation.

In conjunction with this programme of equipment prepared for the hospital designer and/or builder, we will highlight the necessary preliminary works and utility constraints that must be considered before installation of the equipment. These implementation plans always detail the overall technical prerequisites to be respected in order to comply with your local utility specifications (electricity, water, medical gases, IT networks) and security obligations.


FSE can offer you expertise and complete assistance on the design and construction phases of your new hospital.

From the early studies, FSE can assist and advise the architects and MEPs on several aspects of a new hospital implementation:
- Architectural assistance in the conceptual definition and ergonomic coherence of all medical departments, with a focus on the flow of patients, personnel and streamlined logistics channels.
- Architectural assistance in the room by room definition: ergonomics, size and surface of each room.
- MEP assistance on the choice of technologies and materials so that they conform to hygiene and security requirements, especially in terms of rules and regulations for radioprotection.
- MEP assistance on the choice of logistical technologies, and flow processes within the hospital building (Supplies, wastes, specific storage…),
- Architectural assistance in the building models, departmental ergonomics.
- Datasheets for the building, specific room by room technical listing of requirements matching their exact functionality (All trades: electricity, low voltage, plumbing, medical gases, air treatment, floor/wall/ceiling, openings, flooring constraints, etc…).

FSE will be in a position to assist all engineering teams involved in the design and build process, at every stage of advancement of the project, on all the above aspects.


The FSE GROUP is certified under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
and since October 2017 is certified under
the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

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